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These courses build on the foundations laid by our misinformation videos. They will expand the details and understanding of what is known as cognitive biases. Cognitive bias is a shortcut your brain takes when it is making decisions or judging situations. Imagine you are walking down a familiar path. Instead of carefully examining every stone or turn again, you move quickly because you have walked this path before. Your brain does not always stop to check the consequences or consider every angle. It relies on past experiences, quick thoughts, or feelings to make decisions. Not always stopping to look at all the details or consider every angle.

This is not always bad. Sometimes, it helps us make quick decisions. Unfortunately these shortcuts can lead us to make mistakes in thinking or judgement. For example, you might think a task is easy because you have done something similar before, even if this new task has its own unique challenges. You might prefer information that agrees with your beliefs and ignore what does not. Not because the information is wrong, but because it feels easier or more comfortable.

In short, cognitive bias is our brain trying to be efficient. Sometimes, this approach by our brains can lead to errors in how we understand the world, make decisions, or judge situations. This happens to everyone not just you and me. We need to know when our brains do this and know how to fix this. By understanding how our perceptions can be skewed, people are better prepared to live in a world overwhelmed with misleading information. These courses, available to all, are designed to strengthen the critical thinking skills essential for tackling challenges such as Holocaust denial and misinformation.

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Spaceship Earth is dedicated to making sure everyone has the chance to learn, without worrying about cost. Your donations are crucial because they allow us to offer these valuable courses for free. Why donate? Because your support helps us spread knowledge on thinking critically and acting kindly, which are key to solving big problems and making our planet a better place. Every donation, big or small, enables us to continue our mission and do even more to help. Together, we can make a significant impact on the world.

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