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Fake News, Misinformation:

How to Deal with It.

Misinformation: Understanding

and Overcoming Deception


Social media often shares misleading information, but it is not alone in doing that. It is designed to notice what you like and then keeps showing you similar information.


This works well for finding deals on things you want to buy. However, when it comes to understanding the world, you end up seeing more of the same views you already have. This might make you feel like everyone agrees with you. It is important to remember there are many different opinions out there and hearing them can help us learn and grow.


We have developed an online series focused on so-called “logical fallacies”—the ways in which words can be used to deceive and mislead. This series aims to make each concept easy to understand, typically in under a minute, to engage a wide audience effectively.

Middle Ground
Slippery Slope
Special Pleading
Personal Incredulity
Ad Hominem
Composition Division
Burden of Proof

Why Focus on Misinformation?

The rise of fake news and the ease with which misinformation spreads online compelled us to act. Our journey into debunking myths revealed a worrying trend of scams, conspiracy theories, and a resurgence of antisemitism, with dangerous falsehoods such as Holocaust denial. To combat this, we have improved our educational resources. This includes the restoration and colourisation of Holocaust footage under Project Empathy, to underline the importance of historical truth and empathy.

The Importance of

Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking helps you make good choices, which can help you do better in life and work. It makes you better at deciding things, having a good relationship with others, and being a knowledgeable person. We want to help people learn how to think about information carefully, telling real facts from false ones, to help everyone understand each other better and be kinder.

Engage, Learn, and

Support Online:

Spaceship Earth is completely digital, so now our learning tools and resources are available for everyone, no matter where you are. Our commitment to teaching people how to think critically and understand issues is stronger than ever. When you dive into our online content, you will pick up these skills too, which helps us in our fight against misinformation and in our effort to unite people.

Your Role and

How to Support:

Your involvement and support are crucial in this fight against misinformation. By engaging with our online resources, sharing knowledge, and contributing financially, you help us expand our reach and impact. Together, we can ensure a future where truth and empathy guide our collective journey on Spaceship Earth.

Join Us:

Explore our resources, deepen your understanding of logical fallacies, and contribute to a world where critical thinking and empathy reign. Your support helps us continue our work, educating and uniting people in the digital age. Let us embrace this journey together, fostering a future grounded in truth and shared human values.

Spaceship Earth is a beacon for unity and understanding in these digital times. Your participation and support enable us to illuminate the path towards a more informed, empathetic world.

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