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Project Empathy is to make the world understand the horrors of racism and antisemitism.  The project is made up of two aspects, a remastering of original footage of concentration camps to full colour HD, and a Virtual Reality Experience.

We are working to remaster and colourise original footage of concentration camps that were taken by allied troops after liberation. The rise of antisemitism, racism  and extremist groups that focus on dividing humanity through hate and fear is a threat to all of humanity and it's future. Education is the most powerful tool for building bridges, fighting hate and fear.

The footage was created on the orders of Supreme Allied Commander General Eisenhower as he knew that if they did not document the camps, people would not believe it had actually happened. Eisenhower was prescient in his concern because holocaust denial is something that is happening in the world today and is a growing problem. In parallel with this there is an increase in blaming others for problems and seeing an increase in disdain for people from other cultures to their own.

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After Processing


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We would like to thank Mr Clinton Simmons and Henninger Media Services for converting the original footage into 4K quality.