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Our Heartfelt Project:
Project Empathy
Stop Holocaust Denial

Restoring and colourising footage of the Holocaust

At Spaceship Earth, we believe in understanding and empathy is the way to build a world where everyone gets along. We see Earth as more than our home. For better or worse it is a journey we are all on together, and every one of us must play a part in looking after everyone else. This idea is what Project Empathy “Stop Holocaust Denial” is all about. It is our way of bringing people together, learning and teaching important lessons, to keep the truth of history alive.

Viewer Discretion is Advised. The Footage Contains Scenes Some People May Find Upsetting.

You Can Start Right Now

Holo Anchor

Why Project Empathy

Stop Holocaust Denial

is Important?

Building the foundation of our future behaviour on misinformation, denial and outright lies is dangerous. Would you go into a building where you knew the foundations of that building were known to be unsafe? Every day we hear more and more about racism and antisemitism getting worse. That is why Project Empathy - Stop Holocaust Denial is so crucial. Denying the Holocaust – saying it never happened – is dangerous for everyone including you and us. It goes against the respect and value every person deserves and forgets the painful lessons from bad times in history.

One of the most important reasons for Project Empathy  Stop Holocaust Denial is to help prevent such tragedies from happening again. Learning from the Holocaust teaches us to recognise the signs of growing hatred and intolerance in our societies. Such things creep up on us without us realising how bad they are. By understanding the consequences of unrestrained racism and antisemitism, we can work together to stop them from leading to more genocide in the future. This project is a step towards that goal. Through education and awareness, we can help build a world where such atrocities are never repeated. Sharing these stories and restoring these images is not just about remembering the past. It is a call to action to protect our future by learning to deal with the actual facts and not unsubstantiated claims or someone's prejudice.

By standing together against denial and distortion of history, we confirm our commitment to a future where all people live with dignity and respect. Project Empathy  - Stop Holocaust Denial is more than a memorial; it is a pledge to vigilance and a defence against the darkness that once was, ensuring it never returns.

There are fewer and fewer people who survived the Holocaust. It is up to us to preserve and share their stories. Project Empathy  - Stop Holocaust Denial is focused on doing this by restoring and adding colour to real film footage from Nazi Concentration Camps. This footage, which General Dwight D. Eisenhower made sure was filmed, is clear proof of these terrible acts. Fixing and colouring these films is a strong way to fight against lies and wrong information.

Your donations help us repair historical film, making the truth of the concentration camps clear for everyone today. This respects those who suffered and teaches future generations and shows that if this happened to ordinary people then it can happen to us.

Our Goals.

How You Can Join.

We are working on repairing six film reels, each one showing different camps. This work includes repairing damage and adding colour Adding colour to black and white footage does more than just brighten up the image; it brings history into the present. When we see these historical moments in colour, it makes them feel real and current, as if they happened yesterday. This can have a big impact, especially on younger folks. It helps connect the dots between the past and our lives today, making it easier to understand and feel the weight of history.

For many young adults, black and white footage feels distant, like a story from a book that is hard to relate to. By adding colour, we are not just repairing old films; we are bridging generations. It is about making sure that these important stories touch hearts and spark conversations, ensuring that the lessons of the past are not forgotten.

Be Part of This Important Work Spaceship Earth is inviting you to help with this important work. Your donations, especially with Gift Aid through Donorbox, can really help us achieve our goals. Together, we can make sure the terrible events of the Holocaust are never forgotten or denied, reminding us all why empathy, understanding, and unity are so important on our journey together. Your help will be important to making sure it does not happen again. It may stop it happening to you in your future!

Your support does not just remember the past; it helps build a future where we all stand together against hate. Donate today and be part of keeping the truth alive for the future. Together, we can change things, making sure the lessons of the past are not forgotten. Leading to a more understanding, united world for everyone on Spaceship Earth.


We would like to thank Mr Clinton Simmons and Henninger Media Services for scanning the original footage into 4K quality.

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