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 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

To better the world globally, we need to act locally. By planting trees locally, we help improve the local air, help capture carbon dioxide, provide ecosystems for local wildlife and much more. Join our United Earth project and join the network of people that are taking part in this initiative world wide.


Trees provide a huge number of positive benefits to the local environment. Here are a few examples.

Trees Shade and Cool

Placement of trees in urban areas can cool the air between 2 and 8 degrees Celcius.

Trees Clean The Air

Large urban trees help filter urban pollutants and fine particulates making the air cleaner to breath.

Trees Improve the Soil

Mature trees help improve water quality and enrich the soil with nutrients.

Trees Improve Health and Well Being

Trees help reduce noise pollution which can lead to better health. Noise pollution has been linked to increased stress levels and cardiovascular problems over time.

Trees Increase Property Value

Landscaping a property with trees can increase the value of a property by 20% as spending time near trees can help improve physical and mental health, while decreasing stress and blood pressure. People enjoy being around trees.

Trees Support Wildlife

Trees provide massive benefits to the local ecosystem by providing habitat, food and protection to not just smaller plants, but also animals.

What tree should I plant?

Depending on where on the planet you live will help you choose what type of tree to plant. We recommend you plant a tree native to where you live. For example in the United Kingdom, you could plant an oak tree.

What is plant a tree day?

Depending on where you live it can be called different things. It is often a holiday where people are encouraged to plant a tree on that day. Some places like the United Kingdom have “plant a tree week”.

Plant a tree for climate change?

Planting a tree is a great way to help fight climate change. Trees not only act as a carbon store, but they also provide huge benefits to the local environment.

  1. Trees Combat the Greenhouse Effect

  2. Trees Clean the Air

  3. Trees Provide Oxygen

  4. Trees Cool the Streets and the City

  5. Trees Conserve Energy

  6. Trees Save Water

  7. Trees Help Prevent Water Pollution

  8. Trees Help Prevent Soil Erosion

  9. Trees Shield Children from Ultra-Violet Rays

  10. Trees Provide Food

  11. Trees Heal

  12. Trees Reduce Violence

  13. Trees Mark the Seasons

  14. Trees Create Economic Opportunities

  15. Trees Are Teachers and Playmates

  16. Trees Bring Diverse Groups of People Together

  17. Trees Add Unity

  18. Trees Provide a Canopy and Habitat for Wildlife

  19. Trees Block Things

  20. Trees Provide Wood

  21. Trees Increase Property Values

  22. Trees Increase Business Traffic


Plant a tree for free?

You can plant a tree by using seeds from trees that are already nearby. For example, if you see an Oak tree, during autumn it will drop acorns which are the seeds used to grow new oak trees. You can pick them up and plant them in a pot or your front yard.

Plant a tree for a Christmas present?

You can plant a tree on a special occasion such as Christmas or another holiday period.

Why plant a tree?

Planting a tree can be an act of gratitude. Trees are an integral part of human life and human history. By planting a tree, we are in an act of giving back to what trees have given us. Trees have provided food, shelter, wood for warmth, allowed us to build boats and homes and most importantly oxygen to breath.

Why plant a tree in memory of someone?

Planting a tree in memory of someone is a good way to honour them.

Why plant a tree to save the world?

Planting a tree is such a simple act that most people are able to do it. If everyone planted a tree every month, we would help reduce the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which would help in combatting climate change by reversing global warming. Earth is the only home we know so far. We can’t just leave on a whim to colonise another planet. We need to take care of our pale blue dot, Spaceship Earth.

Why plant a tree to offset your carbon footprint?

Everything we do in life has a carbon footprint, from travelling to constructing buildings, and eating. By planting trees, over the lifetime the trees will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. By becoming carbon neutral, or even better, climate-positive it means we can create balance with nature.

Why plant a tree for life?

Planting a tree for life can be a symbolic gesture. A tree planted for someone on the day of their birth will grow with them throughout their life and continue even after their death. Some trees live for thousands of years.

Why plant a tree for the environment?

Planting trees can help the local environment by helping stop soil erosion, which can also cause landslides.

Where to plant a tree?

You can plant a tree in a pot in your home. All you need is a pot, soil, water, sunlight and seed from a tree.

Where to plant a tree in my front yard?

This depends on several factors including space, the type of tree you are planting, temperature, sunlight, soil acidity etc. If you know which tree you wish to plant, then you can research the best growing conditions for that type of tree.

Where to plant a tree in memory of someone?

It depends on where you live. Some people ask to have a tree planted on their ashes, or where they are buried so that as they have taken nutrients from the plants and animals through their life, they will be giving back to nature in their death.

Who can plant a tree?

Anyone with access to pot, water, soil, sunlight and seeds can plant a tree. It may be that you live in a location with no access to a garden, but many people have bonsai trees which are an art form from Japan which grow in pots.

Who will plant a tree for me?

If you are disabled or have difficulty with movement, it might be that you can’t plant a tree by yourself. You can always ask a friend, family member or neighbour for help.

When is national plant a tree day?

Depending on where you live, you can see the dates of the plant a tree day here: Arbor Day

When is the best time to plant a tree?

The best time to plant a tree is now.

When can you plant a tree?

If you own land you can plant trees on your own land. If you don’t own land you need to ask permission of the landowner if you are allowed to plant a tree.

Plant a tree on your birthday?

Planting a tree on your birthday every year is a great way to commemorate your life.

Is there a step by step guide to planting a tree?

See below for an easy three-step guide to planting a tree.

Our Objective

Promote gardening in our towns and cities to help provide clean air and mental health.

Our Goal

Start small, plant a tree in your garden, take a photo. Post it on social meida with #spaceshipearth # plantatree


Act Local, Change Global


In order to best help local environments, find out which trees are native to your area of Earth. Planting native trees help support the native wildlife and ecosystems.


Gather seeds of native trees and plant them in tree a nursery. Look after the tree until it is big enough to plant in your local area.


Make sure you have permission from the land owners, and find suitable locations to plant trees. Trees help protect topsoil, and provide entire ecosystems for local wildlife.


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