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    • Keep Entry to Weekly Science Center Meetings Free
    • Access to Online Forum
    • Access to Advancement
    • Certification of Progress
Membership: PaidPlans

How does membership work?

You can sign up to membership directly through our website above.

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel membership at any time, just drop us a message via our contact form on the website stating you wish to cancel your plan and we will cancel membership for you. 

Important - After a membership plan is cancelled:

Free/one-time payment: When you cancel a plan that is free or has a one-time payment, the benefits (e.g. access to password-protected pages) stop immediately. This means that if you cancel a monthly plan for a client who only used 2 weeks of the plan, they would no longer have access to services for the last 2 weeks of the month. 
Recurring payment: When you cancel a plan with a recurring payment, the plan doesn't renew, however, the client can finish using the plan for the set period. This means that a client with a recurring monthly plan could finish the month, even if the plan was cancelled two weeks into the month.

Why does membership matter, why is it important?

Membership allows us to have a more reliable cash flow rather than relying on selling tickets each week or asking for donations. It streamlines usability for the member as it allows them access to the following benefits:

•    Keep Entry to weekly Science Center Meetings Free.
•    Access to Online Forum.
•    Access to Advancement within the Science Center.
•    Access to the certification process to demonstrate their progress.

Membership is important as it helps us grow the Science Center and to expand to new locations, reaching more people, giving them the benefits of critical thinking and fostering a passion for science.


How much is membership?

Membership is £20 a month

What does the cost of membership include/cover?

What your membership helps cover:

•    Cost of room hire.
•    Cost of equipment hire.
•    Tea and Coffee.
•    Expansion and growth of the Science Center to more locations to reach more people. 
•    Cost of Advertising.
•    Cost of Organising. 
•    Cost of Membership Progress Exams/Tests. 
•    Cost of Certification.


Without the support of members like you, we won’t be able to expand the Science Center to more locations, reaching more people that need help learning critical thinking skills or fostering a passion for science.

Can I still be a member if there is no Science Center near me?

Yes, you can. While there may not be a Science Center in your local area at this time, we will help you become certified and if you wish help you set up your own Science Center as part of the official Spaceship Earth Science Center group.

Membership Vs weekly tickets, what is better?

We want to keep weekly tickets free so that anyone can come to a meeting and learn about science and critical thinking. Weekly tickets do not include the benefits that come with membership as stated above.

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