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Welcome to Our Big Adventure in Smart Thinking! "Understanding Thinking Errors: A Journey Through 8 Fun Modules"

What's This Course About? We all sometimes think in ways that aren't the best. This course helps you learn about these tricky thoughts and make better choices, both in fun and serious situations.

  • Explore Different Thinking Errors:

    • Learn about tricks like 'Anchoring,' where our first thought sticks too much.

    • Discover 'Pattern Recognition,' like seeing shapes in clouds, even when they're not really there.

  • Understand Why We Think This Way:

    • Find out why our brains love shortcuts and sometimes get it wrong.

    • See why it's easy to believe things we hear a lot, even if they're not true.

  • See Real Examples:

    • We'll show you examples, like why we choose certain things because they stand out.

    • Understand how these tricks can make us buy things we don't need.

  • Learn Through Fun Images:

    • Each thinking error comes with a picture showing what it's like.

    • These images make it easy and fun to understand each thinking error.

  • Join Our Modules, From 1 to 8:

    • Each module is a new adventure, like learning about 'Social Biases' in Module 7.

    • Some modules are big adventures, split into parts like '7A' and '7B'.

Ready to Have Fun and Learn? Join our adventure in thinking better!

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