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Help Fight Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a serious threat to humanity!


Many are asking what ordinary people can do other than self-isolate and washing their hands. We will show you how you can help in the fight against coronavirus for free, from home and it only takes 5 minutes to set up.


In simple terms,​ BOINC is a voluntary participation project in which you lend your computer’s free time and computing power to execute one or more BOINC science projects.

BOINC lets you help cutting-edge science research by using your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Android device. BOINC downloads scientific computing jobs to your computer and runs them invisibly in the background. It's easy and safe.

BOINC is an application that was created at Berkley by Dr David Anderson. It was originally created to support SETI in its search for extraterrestrial radio signals. It's since expanded to include all kinds of scientific research and problem-solving.


Organisations can create a team where they can encourage people to join their team page. As your computer solves problems on the different BOINC projects, you earn credit for the work you do. As a team, the credit is combined, where you are competing against other teams to see who can have the most credit. It is a good way to encourage friendly competition while also finding cures for diseases such as HIV, Cancer, Malaria etc.​

Rosetta@home needs your help to determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases. By running the Rosetta program on your computer while you don't need it you will help speed up and extend research in ways that couldn't possibly attempt without your help. You will also be helping their efforts at designing new proteins to fight diseases such as HIV, Malaria, Cancer, and Alzheimer's.

Currently, Rossetta@home is focused on researching the coronavirus and ways in which we can fight it. Join us and help speed up medical research for free.

Scientists need to solve a problem, such as finding a new drug to treat a disease like Coronavirus. It could take him 100 years to run the simulation on his personal computer. By putting the simulation on BOINC it allows him to share the workload with other volunteers.

  • If you have 2 volunteers, it will only take 50 years

  • If you have 4 volunteers, it will only take 25 years

  • If you have 8 volunteers, it will only take 12 and a half years

  • If you have 16 volunteers, it will only take 6 and a quarter years

  • If you have 32 volunteers, it will only take 3.1 years

  • If you have 64 volunteers, it will only take 1.6 years

  • If you have 128 volunteers, it will only take 9.4 months

This is an oversimplified example, but the end goal is the same. The more people supporting BOINC, the faster we will find cures, treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus.

Our Objective

Help speed up research into treatments for Covid-19

Our Goal

Reach 1000 active users on the Spaceship Earth Team

Start now by watching the video or following the instructions below

Click on the Download BOINC Button above

BOINC 1.png

The page above will have loaded. Click on Download BOINC in the blue box.

BOINC 2.jpg

Open/Run the file you have just downloaded. The image above will appear. Click Next

BOINC 3.jpg

Click "I accept the terms in the license agreement". Then click Next

BOINC 4.jpg

Click Next

BOINC 5.jpg

Click Install

BOINC 6.jpg

Click Finish

BOINC 7.jpg

Click "Add Project"

BOINC 8.jpg

Scroll down and select Rosetta@home then click on Next

BOINC 9.jpg

Put in your email address and create a password then click Next

BOINC 10.jpg

Click Finish

BOINC 11.jpg

Type in your name and click OK

BOINC 12.jpg

You can search for our team page by typing in "Spaceship Earth" and then clicking on search.

BOINC 13.jpg

Click on the Team name "Spaceship Earth

BOINC 14.jpg

Click on Join this team at the bottom of the team page. If you have trouble finding the team page click on the button below.

Remember to be logged in to the site with the same email address you used to sign up to the project, otherwise you won't see "Join this team"

Finally please share this page with everyone you know and encourage them to join up. The more people that support our team on Rosetta@home, the faster we can all help find cures, treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus. Every person that joins could potentially save one more life.

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