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Light pollution stops the majority of humans seeing the night sky in all it's glory. This disconnects us from our surroundings. What we want to do is bridge that connection by encouraging councils and governments to turn off all street lights from midnight to 5 am so that citizens across the world can see the night sky in it's natural form.


You Can Start Right Now


Whatever You Can Spare

Write to your local government and ask them to support one day of the year where they turn off all street lights from midnight to 5 am. Here is a draft letter you can write to them.


Every Little Bit Counts

Every little bit of light that escapes from our homes adds to light pollution. You can help combat this buy putting up black out curtains which stop artificial light from


Do Good Together, Join the United Earth Project

Join our United Earth Project and meet other volunteers from around the world. Work with them to organise a global day when we can see the night sky in it's natural beauty

Clear Night Sky Template Letter

[Insert your address]

[Insert date]

Dear [Insert name of government official – make sure you use correct title, for example, in the UK, you should address them as Mr, Mrs, Dr, Rt. Hon; or in France as M, Mme; or in Italy as Sig., Sig.ra]

[Paragraph 1] Introduce the reason you are writing. Try to keep this to no more than two sentences, including a key fact to underline the importance of the issue. For example:

I am writing to express my concern about the amount of night time light pollution that is impeding the view of the night sky and preventing citizens from seeing the night sky in its natural state.

[Paragraph 2] Include your personal experience with light pollution including if you have seen the night sky without any light pollution.

When visiting the countryside, it becomes obvious how many more stars become visible in the night sky., while there is less light pollution than towns and cities.

[Paragraph 3] Discuss your main concern(s) about the problem you introduced in the first paragraph. Include one or two main points only; you can always suggest you would like to meet to discuss the issues further.

My concern is that not just tax paying citizens, but also children are prevented from experiencing the natural beauty of our universe.

Remember to acknowledge your government official for any helpful measures that they have already taken to support reducing light pollution, as appropriate.

[Paragraph 4 – Call to Action] Present a solution to your main concerns and let them know what you are asking them to do. This needs to be very clear. Do not ask them to do too much at once. For example:

I ask you to raise these concerns with the both local and central government, and recommend switching all street and public lights off from midnight until 5 am for one single night of the year. I understand it may not be practical to undertake this initiative on a large scale straight away, so I ask that we have our street lights on the street that I live on turned off for one day of the year.

This will give people everywhere a source of inspiration and encouragement to learn about the universe around them. There is a call to action by the charity Spaceship Earth for a united day where all street lights are turned off for one night of the year to allow people everywhere to experience the universe in its natural state.

[Paragraph 5] Ask for a response and provide your contact details. Sign the letter by hand. Depending on the request, you may also want to ask others in your organization or neighbours to sign the letter as well, to show the amount of support you have already gathered.

Please let me know if you are able to raise this issue with government, and at the very least help us turn off our local street lights on our street.

Yours sincerely,

[Your signature]

[Your printed name]


This is a template letter for the Clear Night Sky Project. Fill in your information and send it to your local council or government.