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Science Center Board Games

What board games do you play?

We play a variety of board games. The purpose of which is to not only encourage thinking skills but to build relationships with people through social interaction. The best way of doing this is to play games. We encourage playing cooperative games to build unity, but we are not limited to cooperative games. We enjoy playing Dixit, Star Flux, Pandemic etc.

What age group can play board games?​

We try to accommodate all ages with the board games day.

Why board games?

Board games are a great way to break the ice with people that you might not know well. It also helps improve thinking skills and executive functions in people. Many board games play an important part in stress reduction and releasing endorphins which help make you feel good about yourself. Board games can also bring laughter which helps decrease stress, they also bring people together and strengthen relationships. Board games help pull people out of the digital world and away from screens to be in the here and now. Playing board games has been shown to help lower blood pressure, while also enhancing creativity and self-confidence. Board games are an important way to improve your overall wellbeing, while also being fun and good for you.

How are board games good for you?

Play is an essential part of being human at any point in life. Adults need to play as much as children do.  It strengthens the bonds between us. It helps us relax or excites us. It stimulates our imaginations and helps keep us sane.

How are board games educational?

Board games can teach adults and children new skills. Whether it is the names of locations on a world map, the use of numbers in snakes and ladders to planning ahead in a strategy game.

Image by Christopher Paul High

When do you hold the board games meeting?

We hold the board games meeting every 4th week.

Where can I learn more about the Science Center?

You can learn more about the Science Center by clicking the button below:

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