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Make a Difference in the Community

Teaching people how to take control of and improve their lives through understanding how the world works.

Learning as a community, why things are the way they are and how to change them.

  1. We can empower you to be more in control

  2. We can give you the tools to become masters of critical thinking

  3. We are offering you a community of like minded people.


What are the meetings about?

The purpose of the Science Center is to teach different logical fallacy and cognitive bias once a week and show a video to encourage people to feel inspired about science.

Science is awe inspiring and we want to share that passion with you. Often people can find science to be daunting and complicated. We are here to help break the complexities presented in the media and provide an easy way to understand how cool science is.

We want to provide you with the skills to understand the world around them as there is growing concern over the lack of scientific literacy causing people to harm themselves or others.There is a strong need to counter fake news and false information being spread on social media and other platforms.


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We hold weekly meetings which alternate content over 4 weeks:


Presentation on critical thinking with socialising. Socialising is an important aspect of the Science Center. It allows the meeting of people from a variety of different backgrounds and helps combat the growing levels of loneliness people are experiencing in life. Socialising is an important part of maintaining mental wellbeing.


Discussion on easy fund projects that members can take part in locally. An example is planting trees locally, or supporting medical research with BOINC for free. There is also a book discussion as part of a monthly book club focused on books that teach critical thinking and science.


A Guest Speaker is invited to talk about an exciting new subject in science and technology. For example, virtual reality, space, medical breakthroughs. This will be followed by a questions and answer session with tea and coffee.


Once a month we will be holding a board games event that facilitate friendship building and learning new skills that help improve critical thinking. Some of the benefits of playing board games include: Family time, Memory formation and cognitive skills, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and helps childhood development.


You Can Start Right Now


Every Little Bit Counts

If you want to make a difference on a global scale, you can do so at the local scale. Invite your friends to a Science Center. Encourage them to become members.


Do Good Together

Help make more content for the Science Centers. Create presentations and online learning so that people world wide can access the power of critical thinking and foster a passion for Science.