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Teaching people how to take control of and improve their lives by understanding how the world works.

Learning as a community, why things are the way they are and how to change them.

  1. We can empower you to be more in control.

  2. We can give you the tools to become masters of critical thinking.

  3. We are offering you a community of like-minded people.

Logical Fallacy Video Series

Due to the ongoing pandemic and not being able to meet in person, we have created a video series on logical fallacies. We have tried to keep each fallacy under a minute long.


What are the meetings about?

The purpose of the Science Center is to teach different logical fallacy and cognitive bias once a week and show a video to encourage people to feel inspired about science:

  • A cognitive bias is when someone makes a bad choice that they think is a good choice.

  • A fallacy is a misleading argument that might sound true and may even be based on truth, but is in fact false.

Science is awe-inspiring and we want to share that passion with you. Often people can find science to be daunting and complicated. We are here to help break the complexities presented in the media and provide an easy way to understand how cool science is.

We want to provide you with the skills to understand the world around you as there is growing concern over the lack of scientific literacy causing people to harm themselves or others. There is a strong need to counter fake news and false information being spread on social media and other platforms.

Our Objective

To spread the teaching of critical and scientific thinking.

Our Goal

Reach 1000 members supporting the project.


We hold weekly meetings which alternate content over 4 weeks:


Presentation on critical thinking with socialising. Socialising is an important aspect of the Science Center. It allows the meeting of people from a variety of different backgrounds and helps combat the growing levels of loneliness people are experiencing in life. Socialising is an important part of maintaining mental wellbeing.


Discussion on easy fun projects that members can take part in locally. An example is planting trees locally, or supporting medical research with BOINC for free. There is also a book discussion as part of a monthly book club focused on books that teach critical thinking and science.


A Guest Speaker is invited to talk about an exciting new subject in science and technology. For example, virtual reality, space, medical breakthroughs. This will be followed by a questions and answer session with tea and coffee.


Once a month we will be holding a board games event that facilitate friendship building and learning new skills that help improve critical thinking. Some of the benefits of playing board games include: Family time, Memory formation and cognitive skills, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and helps childhood development.

What is a Spaceship Earth Science Center?

A Spaceship Earth Science Center is a place for people to meet on a weekly basis and learn critical thinking skills while being inspired by how awesome science is. It’s also a place to meet people from different walks of life while networking with each other. It’s a place that allows people to have a support network that helps them understand the world around them. It’s also a place to combat the growing epidemic of loneliness that people from all age groups are experiencing. With a monthly book club to encourage people to better themselves through self-improvement.

Why did you create the “Science Center”?

We created it as we grew concerned about the level of fake news being portrayed as fact, and the number of people being manipulated into scams that cost them money and distress.

Why is critical thinking important?

Critical thinking is something that everyone can do, often people are not taught about the benefits of critical thinking:

  • Critical thinking is key to success in your career

  • Critical thinkers make better decisions

  • Critical thinking can make you happier

  • Critical thinking ensures your opinions are well informed

  • Critical thinking improves relationships

  • Critical thinking makes you a better citizen


Where can you use critical thinking?

The best place to use critical thinking skills is in your everyday life. When you go out to buy something. When someone tells you something they claim is a fact. What you hear in the news and on social media. It can help you save money by avoiding scams.

Who uses critical thinking?

We can all use critical thinking, it’s something we may not know how to do at the moment, but once we do know how to do it, you will wonder how you could have lived your life without it.

Why do people come to the Science Center?

People come for all kinds of reasons, to make friends, to learn new skills, to play games, to read books, to combat loneliness.

What does loneliness look like?

Loneliness is a sad emotion that someone can feel if they are isolated or feel a sense that they have a lack of friends or family members. Loneliness can make people feel anxious and can lead to depression.

What does loneliness do to a person?

Loneliness can lead to depression and thus is a risk factor in suicide. Loneliness can lead to alcoholism. In children, loneliness can cause antisocial and self-destructive behaviour. In people loneliness often has a negative impact on memory and learning, and a disruption of sleep patterns. Loneliness can also cause anxiety in people.

Why is loneliness hazardous to your health?

Loneliness can lead to the following problems.
•    Depression and suicide
•    Cardiovascular disease and stroke
•    Increased stress levels
•    Decreased memory and learning
•    Antisocial behaviour
•    Poor decision-making
•    Alcoholism and drug abuse
•    The progression of Alzheimer's disease
•    Altered brain function


Whom does loneliness affect?

Anyone can experience loneliness. It’s not unique to any group of people. Loneliness can happen through no fault of our own. Friends can move away; family members can pass away. It can be hard to make new friends, especially when other things like work get in the way. It can be hard to admit that we might be feeling lonely.

What does a book club do?

A book club is a monthly event where we pick a book to read about a scientific subject or on critical thinking. Members then read the book over the following month and at the next meeting we openly discuss the book with each other.

Why a book club?

One of the core tenants of the Science Center is to encourage people to foster a passion for science and encourage people to better themselves in their own time by reading books that can help expand their mind. By encouraging people to read fascinating books on different scientific topics and critical thinking, it can light a spark inside them to enrich themselves.

How does the book club work?

Once a month a book will be chosen to read and then discussed the following month. If you don’t own the book you can buy a copy through our website using an Amazon Affiliate link. You can also order a copy from your local library. The Amazon affiliate link means you help support Spaceship Earth financially, you can also boost this financial contribution by supporting us through Amazon Smile when you check out.


What board games do you play?

We play a variety of board games. The purpose of which is to not only encourage thinking skills but to build relationships with people through social interaction. The best way of doing this is to play games. We encourage playing cooperative games to build unity, but we are not limited to cooperative games. We enjoy playing Dixit, Star Flux, Pandemic etc.

What age group can play board games?

We try to accommodate all ages with the board games day.

Why board games?

Board games are a great way to break the ice with people that you might not know well. It also helps improve thinking skills and executive functions in people. Many board games play an important part in stress reduction and releasing endorphins which help make you feel good about yourself. Board games can also bring laughter which helps decrease stress, they also bring people together and strengthen relationships. Board games help pull people out of the digital world and away from screens to be in the here and now. Playing board games has been shown to help lower blood pressure, while also enhancing creativity and self-confidence. Board games are an important way to improve your overall wellbeing, while also being fun and good for you.

How are board games good for you?

Play is an essential part of being human at any point in life. Adults need to play as much as children do.  It strengthens the bonds between us. It helps us relax or excites us. It stimulates our imaginations and helps keep us sane.

How are board games educational?

Board games can teach adults and children new skills. Whether it is the names of locations on a world map, the use of numbers in snakes and ladders to planning ahead in a strategy game.

Where do you meet?

We currently meet at a room at RISC in Reading.

We plan to increase the number of locations around the country so that we reach more people and help them.

Is there a Science Center near me?

Due to the global pandemic, we now meet online.

When do you meet?

You can check out our upcoming events below.

When do you hold the board games meeting?

We hold the board games meeting every 4th week.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are free for the weekly meetings. We rely on people becoming members to support the Science Center as we believe that access to the information for critical thinking should not be behind a paywall. If you want to support us then you can become a member.

How do I join?

You can become a member of your local Science Center for £20 a month, you then help us keep entry free for all meetings, access to the online forum, access to advancement and certification of progress. This helps provide the resources to reach new locations and help reach more people to teach them critical thinking skills. You also get to help support our other projects through your monthly contribution. Click here to go to the membership page.

How do I help?

You can help by coming along to the Science Center and learning critical thinking skills. If you pass our certification process, we can then help you set up another Science Center in a different location to help reach more people.


You Can Start Right Now


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If you want to make a difference on a global scale, you can do so at the local scale. Invite your friends to a Science Center. Encourage them to become members.


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Help make more content for the Science Centers. Create presentations and online learning so that people world wide can access the power of critical thinking and foster a passion for Science.