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Science Center Book Club

What does a book club do?

A book club is a monthly event where we pick a book to read about a scientific subject or on critical thinking. Members then read the book over the following month and at the next meeting we openly discuss the book with each other.

Why a book club?

One of the core tenants of the Science Center is to encourage people to foster a passion for science and encourage people to better themselves in their own time by reading books that can help expand their mind. By encouraging people to read fascinating books on different scientific topics and critical thinking, it can light a spark inside them to enrich themselves.

How does the book club work?

Once a month a book will be chosen to read and then discussed the following month. If you don’t own the book you can buy a copy through our website using an Amazon Affiliate link. You can also order a copy from your local library. The Amazon affiliate link means you help support Spaceship Earth financially, you can also boost this financial contribution by supporting us through Amazon Smile when you check out.

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What is a Spaceship Earth Science Center?

A Spaceship Earth Science Center is a place for people to meet on a weekly basis and learn critical thinking skills while being inspired by how awesome science is. It’s also a place to meet people from different walks of life while networking with each other. It’s a place that allows people to have a support network that helps them understand the world around them. It’s also a place to combat the growing epidemic of loneliness that people from all age groups are experiencing. With a monthly book club to encourage people to better themselves through self-improvement.

Why did you create the “Science Center”?

We created it as we grew concerned about the level of fake news being portrayed as fact, and the number of people being manipulated into scams that cost them money and distress.

How does a book club fit in with the Science Center?

The purpose of the book club is to encourage people to expand their minds and learn new things. There are many wonderful books out their for people to read, but often people don't know where to start.

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What books do you recommend we read?

You can click the button below to see which books we recommend you read:

Where can I learn more about the Science Center?


You can click the button below to learn more about the Science Center:


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